About Free Your Tea

We want everyone to find their favorite teas and always have them handy.


Free Your Tea is a new kind of tea company that uses knowledge, technology, and data to help customers discover their favorite teas and have them delivered regularly.


Good tea is great, and great for you! Most tea bought by most people is less than great, and it is hard to find your favorite teas among the hundreds of options on supermarket shelves without a common language. Free Your Tea helps find those favorite teas and free them from their boxes so you can enjoy them in your cup.


Free Your Tea sources high quality teas and uses member ratings to discover the teas most likely to be enjoyed by each individual member, who then gets a monthly delivery of fresh, favorite teas and samples potential new favorites.


We are tea-lovers with expertise in international sourcing, ecommerce, online marketing, logistics, and startups. We decided to combine all of this to create the tea company we wanted to get our own teas from, and bring others along for the ride.


We source teas from wherever the best teas are to be found, mainly China and India. We are located in New Orleans, a city with a long history of international trade and business, and a well known love for food and drink.
  • “Free Your Tea’s mission is to discover and deliver our customers’ favorite teas, creating value for all of our stakeholders”
    Knud E. Berthelsen, Founder


Great Tea is a wonderful thing and should always be kept and brewed in its natural loose-leaf state, not crammed into bags. Whole and unbroken leaves have less surface exposed to the water and release all the good things they keep inside in a slow and controlled manner to give you the best possible tea, not bitter brown water. The best teas are #NeverBagged and we never sell teas in teabags. 


Discover your favorite teas and have them delivered regularly with samples of other teas that are likely to become new favorites. Always have fresh high-quality teas at hand! Never drink inferior or stale tea again!