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Tea Preferences

Tea preferences are used to personalize your tea subscription.

Start by sharing your caffeine preferences.



Tea Preferences

Tea preferences are used to personalize your tea subscription.

Start by sharing your caffeine preferences.

Your tea subscription is personalized based on your tea preferences and tea ratings
After submitting these preferences you will be invited to submit more detailed preferences.
You can come back and update your preferences whenever you want.
If you just want us to send a variety of teas, that is an option too.
Please use the same email address you created or redeemed your subscription with.

Comments On Teas Tailored From Tea Preferences


Nilgiri Black Blend

Really loved this tea, found it a perfect way to start the work day.

Assam Breakfast

One of the best teas I’ve had thus far. The full-bodied flavor was delightful, would be very much interested in similar breakfast blends or teas that are “full-bodied”

Golden Assam Breakfast

Love the flavor! I began drinking tea at age 13 (LONG time ago); one of my friend’s father offered me a cup and I was hooked ever since! Golden Assam tastes like that first cup!

Rooibos #1

This is my favorite tea, so far. A great blend of flavors – a little bit of sweetness but also somewhat robust.

Russian Caravan

Beautifully complex, with unexpected spice amidst the gentle, warming maltiness. Exactly the kind of new thing I enjoy finding in my shipments!

Ginger Mint Lemon

The Ginger Mint Lemon is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS cold brewed!!!! I make it once per week and it is heavenly!

Moroccan Mint

I have had some awful mint teas before but this one with a bit of sugar was simply divine. It was sweet, with herbal overtones without being overly grassy.

Earl Grey #6

This was the smoothest cold brewed Earl Grey iced tea ever and I love Earl Grey. Cold brewing produced just the right strength and was so enjoyable.

Lemon Verbena #1

I love all your teas! This one is so relaxing. So good a night.

Tippy Yunnan

I steeped it for 3 minutes, it was perfect. One of the best teas I’ve ever tasted!

Chocolate Mint Rooibos

This was *so* good. What a nice drink for the holiday season! Thank you so much. 🙂 I love your company so much, I just never know what I’m going to get next. 😀

Indian Spice #7

This was so flavorful and I loved it so much. I’ve never experienced such a flavorful tea in my life.

Jasmine Green

This was a lovely tea that I rated as one of my favorite samples from my first delivery. I was so happy to get a full supply of this. It’s just as calming and tasty as I remember.

Pu Earl

This was the best cup of earl grey I’ve had yet. I’ve never had this type of tea before and I like it.