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Free Your Tea is a personalized tea subscription that discovers your favorite teas by combining your ratings with data & knowledge about tea and tea preferences to find the perfect teas for your tastes

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Free Your Tea delivers your personalized tea subscription the first week of every month so you always have a fresh stash of great teas and never have to drink inferior or stale teas again

  • Best customer service!!!

    I bought this tea as a gift for my Mom and had a few questions about my order. Customer service got back to me immediately!! Then somehow I didn’t get the discount code (my fault) when I went to order and customer service had no problem fixing this situation for me immediately-within minutes! So far I am extremely impressed and I know I picked the best tea service!

    Lynn from Mesa, Arizona on Cratejoy
  • Who knew trying teas could be so simple?

    I am enamoured with this service. I have only recently discovered my love and passion for loose-leaf tea and I am so excited about being able to discover all sorts of different varieties!
    Bex from Oaxaca, Mexico on Cratejoy
  • Free your tea? Yes please!!

    My favorite part of this service is the attention paid towards your particular tastes. I love how Free Your Tea helps you better understand your palette and tea preferences. The products are high quality, diverse and delicious.

    Maxwell from New Orleans, Louisiana on Cratejoy
  • Love at first sip

    I took one sip from my white tea that i had gotten delivered by u guys and it was love at first sip, legit. As long as you guys arent going out of business we're good lol.

    If anyone is hesitant on ordering from here, feel free to comment or inbox me. It really is THAT good, and i dont do bagged tea ever since TEAVANA. I found my new home for tea.

    Pete from Townsend, Massachussets on Facebook
  • Very Convenient

    I'm fairly conservative in my tea drinking, so my favorites were the better-tasting versions of the teas I'm used to drinking, but I also enjoy experiencing new types of tea. It is very convenient to receive them in the mail.

    Kaiser from Natchez, Mississippi on Facebook
  • These guys know what good tea should taste like

    Excellent product, excellent service. A tea admirer here and these guys know what good tea should taste like. Will re-order.

    Adam from Columbus, Ohio on Facebook
  • Love all the new types of tea

    I absolutely love this service. They're fantastic about curating the types of teas to be just what I like, and I love all the new types of tea I'm getting to try because of it. Definitely recommended!

    Amy from New Orleans, Louisiana on Facebook
  • We didn’t even know we liked green tea!

    My husband and I have subscribed for a while now and found to our surprise that there were several green teas we really enjoyed. None of us had ever really liked any green teas before. We also love the black teas, especially the Chinese one we just received

    Ellen from Mandal, Norway on Cratejoy
  • Amazing tea!

    Hands down the best tea around! I have tried other tea companies and Free Your Tea is simply the best. I love trying all of the different teas! Do yourself a favor and try the tea. The subscription has made a wonderful gift as well! My entire family has enjoyed the teas for two months. Five stars for amazing customer service!! Keep the tea flowing!

    Brennan from Jacksonville, Florida on Cratejoy


Great Tea is a wonderful thing and we believe it should always be kept and brewed in its natural loose-leaf state, not crammed into tea-bags. Whole leaves have less surface than broken leaves so they keep their chemical compounds longer and remain fresh. When steeped they infuse at a lower rate, reducing the chance of bitterness from over-steeping. We only sell loose-leaf teas as we believe that the best teas are #NeverBagged.


Discover your favorite teas and have them delivered regularly with samples of other teas that are likely to become new favorites. With our short and fast-moving supply chain you will always have fresh, high-quality teas at hand! You can empty your tea-drawer of old, low-quality tea bags and never drink inferior or stale tea again!