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Free Your Tea discovers your favorite teas by combining your ratings with data & knowledge about tea and tea preferences to find the perfect teas for your tastes

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Free Your Tea delivers your new and favorite teas the first week of every month so you always have a fresh stash of great teas and never have to drink inferior or stale teas again

Personalized Tea Subscription

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Free Your Tea Subscriptions

All Free Your Tea subscriptions start with a sampler of six different teas that we ask you to rate.
Starting with your second shipment your teas are based on your ratings.
We ship for free anywhere, and you can change, cancel, or pause your subscription any time.
We ship the first week of each month. International orders ship earlier and in envelopes.


Great Tea is a wonderful thing and we believe it should always be kept and brewed in its natural loose-leaf state, not crammed into tea-bags. Whole leaves have less surface than broken leaves so they keep their chemical compounds longer and remain fresh. When steeped they infuse at a lower rate, reducing the chance of bitterness from over-steeping. We only sell loose-leaf teas as we believe that the best teas are #NeverBagged.


Discover your favorite teas and have them delivered regularly with samples of other teas that are likely to become new favorites. With our short and fast-moving supply chain you will always have fresh, high-quality teas at hand! You can empty your tea-drawer of old, low-quality tea bags and never drink inferior or stale tea again!