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Free Your Tea Reviews


Free Your Tea Reviews

5 Star Free Your Tea Reviews

Assam Breakfast

“This is the perfect morning everyday black tea. The flavor is so bold and the leaves are so high quality. I love to froth milk and add it in to make it a tea latte.”

Fujian Autumn Oolong

“I was pleasantly surprised by this tea. It has a wonderful earthy taste.”

Black Mango

I am not usually a big fan of flavored black teas, but this one is wonderful! It has true mango flavor. If you like a good Indian mango lassi, add a little milk and sugar. Great!

Cardamom Ginger

“Delicious. A different type of black tea. I love it”

Floral Hibiscus

“It is just about the most delicious tea I have ever tasted! And it looks great too!”

Bai Mudan

“All of your teas are great. This is by far my favorite tea so far!”

Assam Breakfast

“Great choice, but I am enjoying all these new teas to try, as well. Keep up the wonderful shipments!!”

Chocolate Mint Black

“you can’t miss with a nice cup of black tea mixed with chocolate and mint. 🙂 this was a really pleasing drink and nice for my upset stomach as well.”

Chun Mee #1

“This is an excellent green tea. I have found many green teas are too floral and this one was perfect. I would like this again, but I am very interested in trying the Chun Mee #2.”

Rosy Earl Grey

“This is one of the most delicious teas I have enjoyed ever. Yes, please send me more of this.”

Herbal Tumeric Spice

“I LOVE this tea! I love turmeric, warming spices, and, apparently, rooibus!.”

Moroccan Mint #4

“Unlike other mint teas, I’ve tried this one isn’t overpowering. The blends of mint are subtle and quite enjoyable as a plain cup of tea.”

Jasmine Green

“Just the smell of this tea transports me to the handmade Chinese noodle shops in Seattle. Very pleasant.”

Darjeeling Earl Grey

“One of the best Earl Greys I have had. Lovely aroma, quality tea underneath, and nothing unnecessary added to spoil the flavor.”

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buzzfeed about Free Your Tea “A tailor-made subscription box that’ll make you wonder why you haven’t been having tea delivered to you all this time”
town and country says about Free Your Tea “Like getting recommendations from a good friend. Each new box is more tailored to your tastes than the last”

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