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Group Gifts


The easy way to give to more people

Group Gifts


The easy way to give to more people

Do you give a lot of gifts?

Give Group Gifts 


Giving group gifts to a few people is easy through our regular gift checkout. This page makes even giving to a large group easy.


Simply enter your recipients, and submit the form. We will email you a payment link. If you give 5 or more gifts we apply an automatic 10% discount!


Recipients get an email notification with your gift message on the date you select. They enter their shipping address to redeem the gift, and their preferences for personalization.


Would you rather send us a list? Just contact us!

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Group Gifts

Add gift recipients one by one.

Recipient Name
Recipient Name
If empty we'll notify upon payment
If you want the same gift message for everyone you can leave this empty for all but the first recipient
Gift You Are Giving
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Questions or Wishes?

Contact us, and we will answer as soon as we can, and customize your group gifts as much as you like.