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Tea Subscription Employee Perk

The Best Employee Perks Are Personalized!

Tea Subscription Employee Perk


The Best Employee Perks Are Personalized!

Unique Employee Perk Subscriptions

Energize Your Team with Our Tea Subscription Employee Perk


At Free Your Tea, we understand the transformative power of a comforting cup of tea. That’s why we’ve crafted the Tea Subscription Employee Perk program to deliver our exquisite teas straight to your team, nurturing a culture of wellness, productivity, and collective moments of serenity.

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Tea Subscription Employee Perk | Free Your Tea

Infuse Energy Into Your Workspace

In today's dynamic work environment, creative solutions are paramount. Whether your team operates in-office or remotely, our Tea Subscription Employee Perks stand as an ideal solution to keep everyone connected and rejuvenated.

With adaptable delivery options, opt to have our expertly curated tea assortments shipped to your corporate address or directly to your team members' homes. It's a splendid way to express your care for their well-being, wherever they are.

Versatile Subscription Choices

Our bimonthly and quarterly subscription plans offer a harmonious blend of variety and ease. With every shipment, your team will relish a diverse selection of our finest teas, each known for its unique flavor profile and health advantages.

  • Bimonthly Tea Subscription Perk: Ideal for those keen on exploring new tea adventures. Every two months, delight your team with a fresh assortment of our premium teas.
  • Quarterly Tea Subscription Perk: Suited for teams who cherish their tea journey, our quarterly plan unveils a new tea collection every three months, allowing ample time to savor each distinctive blend.

Cultivate a Shared Tea Journey

Our Tea Subscription Employee Perk transcends mere tea delivery; it's an invitation to a communal tea experience. Promote team bonding with a virtual tea tasting session or introduce a moment of mindfulness with a collective tea break. Whatever your tea enjoyment approach, our subscriptions facilitate creating cherished moments with your team.

Embark on this voyage of exploration and relaxation. Invigorate your team, show appreciation, and nurture a culture of well-being with our Tea Subscription Employee Perks.

Contact us today to discover more about our employee perk offerings and initiate your tea adventure.

Talk Tea To Us!

Please use the button or the Messenger chat function below to tell us what you are looking for and ask us all your questions. We take pride in our quick turnaround on corporate gift requests!