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Premium Loose Leaf Tea

Tailored To Taste

Free Your Tea discovers and delivers your favorite loose leaf teas, based on your tea ratings and tea preferences. This is how we do it:


We send you loose leaf teas that are EASY TO LOVE!

Our premium loose leaf teas are fine agricultural products. (Here you can see why we say loose leaf teas are better than tea bags, and here is a good MasterClass article on the topic.)Unlike the big brand tea companies our goal is not to shove them into tea bags and make sure each bag always tastes the same. Our goal is that each cup of tea you brew should be as naturally delicious as possible. This means that we keep the time between a tea being picked and the tea being enjoyed by you as short as we can. It also means that, like with fine wine, we embrace the difference of the same tea from the same tea garden from one year to the next. We don’t blend to make it bland.


We send you loose leaf teas YOU are likely to love!

Our loose leaf teas are sourced from tea gardens across the globe, based on the tea preferences and tea ratings of our subscribers. Just because a tea is objectively good, or popular, doesn’t mean YOU will like it though. Our data shows that people have wildly different tea preferences. That is why we use those preferences and tea ratings to send you the teas YOU are most likely to love.


We send you MORE of the loose leaf teas you love!

Have you ever had a great sample of something, like a wine from a wine club, then been unable to get more of it? We don’t do that. We send enough of each loose leaf tea to brew 20-30 cups, and all you have to do to get more of a tea you love is let us know when you rate it that you want it again. We don’t sell individual teas to non-subscribers, but subscribers can always ask for any tea they want, and we’ll add it to upcoming shipments.

Did reading this make you want a great cup of tea? Try a personalized tea subscription!

Did it make you want to give a loved one the experience of discovering their favorite teas? Give them a tea gift!

Loose Leaf Tea by Free Your Tea

5 Star Loose Leaf Tea Reviews



“Green tea has always been my favorite and I’ve tried many over the years. This sencha is by far the best I’ve ever tasted. I’d buy it regularly if you had a store that supplied it.”

Peppermint White Chocolate

“Top notch. Would be a 6 if it were an option”

Jasmine Green

“This tea was amazing cold brewed! I normally am a big fan of jasmine green teas and this is no exception. Delicious, smooth, floral and super refreshing in iced form.”

Russian Caravan

“This was one of my initial samples I was given and my favorite at that time. it’s still tastes amazing to me even after everything you’ve sent me. I love this tea!”

Black Fruit

“This tea was lovely. I loved the real Fruit flavor of this. I could tell just by smelling the tea without brewing it that it would taste good. I think I will like other fruit teas”

Chocolate Pu-Erh

“I loved the aroma immediately! The chocolatey floral notes were wonderful and made me even more excited to drink it. I drank it with milk as recommended, and it definitely smelled like a rich hot chocolate. It definitely tastes like a mild hot chocolate, which I was not expecting since my prior experiences with chocolate tea were not bad, but not spectacular either.”

Vanilla Red

“this is a new favorite. I loved this one so much! I wasn’t feeling so well this month. the vanilla, cinnamon, and other ingredients were good for my ailing tummy.”

Tippy Assam

Very good body and richness

Jasmine Green

Excellent tea. Light, subtle, very interesting.

Pu Earl

“this might be my favorite type of earl grey I’ve had. I don’t think you’ve sent me pu-erh teas before. I’d like to try other types as well. thank you. :)”

Yerba Mate #3

This is my first time drinking Yerba Mate, and I really like it; earthy, smokey, full bodied for a non-tea tea!

Nilgiri Black Blend

This is one of my favorite black teas. I like its smokiness, earthiness, and full body.

Lemon Green #2

I loved this. I wasn’t feeling so well this month and this cup of tea was a great help. citrus helps the natural additives in green tea with our bodies. this was tasty and healthy

Himalayan Spice

This was fabulous and I really enjoyed it both with and without cream. I would like to try more teas similar to this that can be served as a chai also. Thank you!

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Most Frequent Questions

The answers to our most frequently asked Mother’s Day tea gift questions

How The Personalized Tea Subscription Works

loose leaf tea gifts and loose leaf tea subscriptions

1. Get Your Tea!

Buy or redeem your tea subscription, submit your preferences, and get your tea!

loose leaf tea gifts and loose leaf tea subscriptions

2. Rate Your Tea!

We use tea ratings and preferences to personalize teas to your taste.

tea subscription

3. Free Your Tea!

Discover and enjoy more and more favorite teas and tea types from around the world!

Food & Wine Magazine says “We love Free Your Tea for the ability to customize and curate a subscription centered around the tea types of your choosing” & “Whether you want to stick to your greens or branch out, Free Your Tea has a subscription for you”. According to Town & Country Magazine our subscriptions are “Like getting recommendations from a good friend” & “Each new box is more tailored to your tastes than the last”. Buzzfeed calls us “A tailor-made subscription box that’ll make you wonder why you haven’t been having tea delivered to you all this time”. Simply Recipes names us “Best personalized Tea” & “A truly personalized tea service”. Real Simple names Free Your Tea the best tea subscription for gifting and says “Free Your Tea makes it easy to gift tea to a friend or loved one”. There are many more great Free Your Tea reviews.

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