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Loose Leaf Tea by Free Your Tea

Our Tea

As a personalized tea company we have been able to over the years build an extensive collection of teas based not only on our own curation, but the tea preferences and tea ratings of our subscribers. We think of our teas the same way you might think of great wines, they are fine agricultural products with great variety from tea garden to tea garden, and year to year. Unlike the big tea bag companies our goal is not for each cup of tea to always be the same, but to always be its best self. 
Our lineup changes with the seasons and changes in preferences and demand, but we always have a wide selection of very different teas to match our subscribers’ very different preferences.
Our pure black teas feature such classics as Ceylons, Assams, Darjeelings, Nilgiris, and Yunnans. Each one offers a unique flavor profile, echoing the geographical nuances of the regions they originate from.
In the realm of green teas, we offer an assortment that ranges from Gunpowder to Chun Mee. The floral notes of Jasmine and the refreshing Moroccan Mint are very popular with those who prefer a more delicate and aromatic green tea experience.
Moving on to blended black teas, we obviously have a lot of different Earl Greys, and everything from Indian Spice blends to a selection of Fruit Teas.
Beyond the typical black and green teas we have very popular oolongs, from Da Hong Pao to Tieguanyin. We have introduced many subscribers to the world of Pu-Erh, and the delicate white Bai Mu Dan. .
A significant portion of our subscribers want caffeine free teas, so we have an ever wider variety of both pure and blended herbal teas with ingredients like Chamomile, Rooibos, Hibiscus, Honey Bush, Holy Basil, Peppermint, Marigold, and lemon verbena. 
From years of analyzing our tea subscriber preferences and tea ratings we know that even the most popular teas are disliked by some, and even the least popular teas are loved by some, so our mission is to not just give you a variety of tea, but give you the tea you are most likely to love! 
Below you can see what subscribers have had to say about a long list of our teas.

5 Star Loose Leaf Tea Reviews



“Green tea has always been my favorite and I’ve tried many over the years. This sencha is by far the best I’ve ever tasted. I’d buy it regularly if you had a store that supplied it.”

Peppermint White Chocolate

“Top notch. Would be a 6 if it were an option”

Jasmine Green

“This tea was amazing cold brewed! I normally am a big fan of jasmine green teas and this is no exception. Delicious, smooth, floral and super refreshing in iced form.”

Russian Caravan

“This was one of my initial samples I was given and my favorite at that time. it’s still tastes amazing to me even after everything you’ve sent me. I love this tea!”

Black Fruit

“This tea was lovely. I loved the real Fruit flavor of this. I could tell just by smelling the tea without brewing it that it would taste good. I think I will like other fruit teas”

Chocolate Pu-Erh

“I loved the aroma immediately! The chocolatey floral notes were wonderful and made me even more excited to drink it. I drank it with milk as recommended, and it definitely smelled like a rich hot chocolate. It definitely tastes like a mild hot chocolate, which I was not expecting since my prior experiences with chocolate tea were not bad, but not spectacular either.”

Vanilla Red

“this is a new favorite. I loved this one so much! I wasn’t feeling so well this month. the vanilla, cinnamon, and other ingredients were good for my ailing tummy.”

Tippy Assam

Very good body and richness

Pu Earl

“this might be my favorite type of earl grey I’ve had. I don’t think you’ve sent me pu-erh teas before. I’d like to try other types as well. thank you. :)”

Yerba Mate #3

This is my first time drinking Yerba Mate, and I really like it; earthy, smokey, full bodied for a non-tea tea!

Nilgiri Black Blend

This is one of my favorite black teas. I like its smokiness, earthiness, and full body.

Lemon Green #2

I loved this. I wasn’t feeling so well this month and this cup of tea was a great help. citrus helps the natural additives in green tea with our bodies. this was tasty and healthy

Himalayan Spice

This was fabulous and I really enjoyed it both with and without cream. I would like to try more teas similar to this that can be served as a chai also. Thank you!

Spicy Saffron Black

“OMG! this tea is absolutely divine! Yes, I would order again; but I wouldn’t mind trying something different in this same class. The smell/taste of cinnamon breathtaking!”

Ginger Peach Black

This is delightful, I love everything about this tea and would love to have more.

Russian Caravan

This is one of the best teas I’ve ever had. Cheers to who ever selected it!

Rosy Earl Grey

I can drink Earl Grey every day and never tire of the taste. The rose was a wonderful addition. I’d even rate it 5+++

Jasmine Green

Excellent tea. Light, subtle, very interesting.

Irish Breakfast

One of the best Irish Breakfast teas I’ve had and I love Irish Breakfast teas.

East Indian Summer Green

My wife and I BOTH LOVE the East Indian Summer Green. That and Emperor’s Clouds and Mist and Irish Breakfast are my favorites!!!! Well done!

Moroccan Mint #3

This is one of the nicest mint teas I’ve ever had. It doesn’t taste grassy like a lot of green teas do to me. The mint is cool and refreshing.

Indian Spice #2

I love this tea so much I am restarting my subscription for it.

Vanilla Earl Grey

Love this one. Lovely aroma and hearty enough to wake me up.

Vanilla Rooibos

I loved how this tea was flavorful without upsetting my stomach from being too tannin-y. It was delicious!

Tippy Yunnan

Thanks for such a great experience with your tea! I recommend it to all my tea friends!

Passion Fruit Black

I love this tea! It’s just sweet enough to not need honey added; it’s strong, but still mild. And the smell! It is wonderful!

Turmeric Spice Blend

We really liked this tea the flavor of turmeric was subtle and the tea was wonderful with a little bit of honey.

Yuzu Rooibos

Delicious, sweet and fruity, I would love this type of complex rooibos tea again.

Nilgiri Black Blend

Really loved this tea, found it a perfect way to start the work day.

Assam Breakfast

One of the best teas I’ve had thus far. The full-bodied flavor was delightful, would be very much interested in similar breakfast blends or teas that are “full-bodied”

Golden Assam Breakfast

Love the flavor! I began drinking tea at age 13 (LONG time ago); one of my friend’s father offered me a cup and I was hooked ever since! Golden Assam tastes like that first cup!

Rooibos #1

This is my favorite tea, so far. A great blend of flavors – a little bit of sweetness but also somewhat robust.

Russian Caravan

Beautifully complex, with unexpected spice amidst the gentle, warming maltiness. Exactly the kind of new thing I enjoy finding in my shipments!

Ginger Mint Lemon

The Ginger Mint Lemon is ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS cold brewed!!!! I make it once per week and it is heavenly!

Moroccan Mint

I have had some awful mint teas before but this one with a bit of sugar was simply divine. It was sweet, with herbal overtones without being overly grassy.

Earl Grey #6

This was the smoothest cold brewed Earl Grey iced tea ever and I love Earl Grey. Cold brewing produced just the right strength and was so enjoyable.

Lemon Verbena #1

I love all your teas! This one is so relaxing. So good at night.

Tippy Yunnan

I steeped it for 3 minutes, it was perfect. One of the best teas I’ve ever tasted!

Chocolate Mint Rooibos

This was *so* good. What a nice drink for the holiday season! Thank you so much. 🙂 I love your company so much, I just never know what I’m going to get next. 😀

Indian Spice #7

This was so flavorful and I loved it so much. I’ve never experienced such a flavorful tea in my life.

Jasmine Green

This was a lovely tea that I rated as one of my favorite samples from my first delivery. I was so happy to get a full supply of this. It’s just as calming and tasty as I remember.

Pu Earl

This was the best cup of earl grey I’ve had yet. I’ve never had this type of tea before and I like it.

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