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Tea ratings are used to personalize your tea subscription.

Every tea rating submitted helps us better tailor tea to your taste.

If you want us to send you the same tea again, just let us know!

We also enjoy reading your tea reviews in the comment field.

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Spicy Saffron Black

“OMG! this tea is absolutely divine! Yes, I would order again; but I wouldn’t mind trying something different in this same class. The smell/taste of cinnamon breathtaking!”

Ginger Peach Black

This is delightful, I love everything about this tea and would love to have more.

Russian Caravan

This is one of the best teas I’ve ever had. Cheers to who ever selected it!

Rosy Earl Grey

I can drink Earl Grey every day and never tire of the taste. The rose was a wonderful addition. I’d even rate it 5+++

Irish Breakfast

One of the best Irish Breakfast teas I’ve had and I love Irish Breakfast teas.

East Indian Summer Green

My wife and I BOTH LOVE the East Indian Summer Green. That and Emperor’s Clouds and Mist and Irish Breakfast are my favorites!!!! Well done!

Moroccan Mint #3

This is one of the nicest mint teas I’ve ever had. It doesn’t taste grassy like a lot of green teas do to me. The mint is cool and refreshing.

Indian Spice #2

I love this tea so much I am restarting my subscription for it.

Vanilla Earl Grey

Love this one. Lovely aroma and hearty enough to wake me up.

Vanilla Rooibos

I loved how this tea was flavorful without upsetting my stomach from being too tannin-y. It was delicious!

Tippy Yunnan

Thanks for such a great experience with your tea! I recommend it to all my tea friends!

Passion Fruit Black

I love this tea! It’s just sweet enough to not need honey added; it’s strong, but still mild. And the smell! It is wonderful!

Turmeric Spice Blend

We really liked this tea the flavor of turmeric was subtle and the tea was wonderful with a little bit of honey.

Yuzu Rooibos

Delicious, sweet and fruity, I would love this type of complex rooibos tea again.