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Give a Year of Tea

Give a Year of Tea

Give A Year of Tea!

Help someone you love discover their favorite teas through a year of premium loose-leaf teas tailored to their tastes!

What To Give a Tea Lover? Give a Year of Tea!

24 Teas $200

One Year

24 teas tailored to taste based on recipient tea preferences and tea ratings
Brews around 600 cups
Ships when redeemed and in 3 more shipments over the next year
100 drawstring bags in every shipment
U.S. Shipping is always free!
Gift subscriptions never auto-renew!
International? See International Tea Subscription Gifts
Not looking for gifts? See Tea Subscriptions

Caffeine Free? All recipients can choose if they want caffeine free teas, regular teas, or a mix. This is the first thing we ask them, before we ship.

Tea Lovers love our tea subscription gifts because

  • they discover new favorite teas tailored to their taste
  • they get delicious and fresh teas delivered to their door
  • they discover their tea preferences as they rate more teas
  • they get to taste new teas like white tea, oolong, and pu-erh

People love giving our tea subscriptions gifts because

  • they know the recipients like tea, but not which teas
  • they know the recipient will remember them with every cup of tea
  • they know they can save by prepaying OR pay monthly over time
  • they know how nice it is to get a gift early and be done with it!

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