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Most Frequent Questions

  • We offer prepaid 3-month, 6-month, and one year gift subscriptions. Recipients get an initial sampler of 6 different teas, then further teas based on their tea ratings and preferences if they submit ratings and preferences, or a variety of our most popular teas if they don’t.

  • What is included in my subscription? 

    The first shipment is a sampler of six different teas that we ask you to rate so we can start tailoring teas to your tastes. The standard plan after that includes one 3.5oz bag of tea that makes about 30 cups of tea. You can upgrade to 2, 3, or 4 bags of tea. Each month we also include one bonus sample that makes about 3 cups of tea. This one is not tailored to your taste, but a tea we think you should try and rate.

    What are the bags that came with my sampler?

    These bags are drawstring filter bags for steeping loose leaf tea. Place one teaspoon of tea per teacup of water in the bag and close it. 

    How are you choosing my teas?

    We pride ourselves on our personalization. We tailor teas to your taste based on our database of tea preferences and ratings that can show us which teas people with you preferences and ratings are most likely to love.

Questions about Monthly Personalized Tea?