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How To Give a

Gift Tea Subscription



How To Give a

Gift Tea Subscription


Most Frequent Questions

  • We offer prepaid 3-month, 6-month, and one year gift subscriptions. Recipients get an initial sampler of 6 different teas, then further teas based on their tea ratings and preferences if they submit ratings and preferences, or a variety of our most popular teas if they don’t.

How To Give a Tea Subscription Gift

  • When checking out, tell us when you want the first tea shipment to be delivered.

  • When checking out, write a gift message if you want. It will be included in the email recipients get when their first tea ships.

  • The first tea shipment is a sampler of six different teas and information about submitting tea preferences and ratings.

  • Starting with their second shipment the teas are personalized based on their tea preferences and ratings.

  • Teas are delivered the first week of every month.

  • SHIPPING IS FREE IN THE U.S. ! $5 elsewhere.

  • You can also buy gift cards if you prefer or don’t know the address.

Frequently Asked Tea Subscription Gift Questions

What is included in a gift tea subscription?

All personalized tea subscriptions start with a sampler of six different teas that we ask your gift recipient to rate.  Subsequent shipments are based on these ratings.  Starting with the second shipment they receive one personalized 3.5 oz bag of tea that brews 30-40 cups and a bonus sampler tea that brews 3-4 cups.   

Where are gift tea subscriptions shipped?

When you buy the gift subscription you enter the recipient’s mailing address. If you don’t have it or don’t want the first shipment delivered to them you can set your own address as theirs and change it later, or you can buy a gift card instead.

When do gift tea subscriptions ship?

Unless you tell us to delay shipping for example related to gift events like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Mother’s Day, the first tea ships right away. Subsequent shipments arrive the first week of each month. You can tell us to delay during checkout, or contact us.

How will my gift recipient know I sent them a gift?

When we ship the first tea an email is sent to the gift recipient telling them you bought them a personalized tea subscription. This email will also include your personal gift message if you write one.

How will my gift recipient know to rate their teas?

Gift recipients will receive information about sharing tea preferences in their first shipment as well as in the email they receive when their tea ships.  You can also refer them to FreeYourTea.Com/Rating and FreeYourTea.Com/Tea-Questions.

What if my gift recipient wishes to pause or cancel?

You can change, cancel, or pause a gift subscription at anytime through your account or your gift recipient can contact us with any of these requests.      

When will a gift tea subscription renew?

If you purchased a month to month subscription the first renewal will occur at the end of the month.  Subsequent renewals occur on the 15th of each month. If you purchased a prepaid subscription it will only renew at the end of the prepaid period if you selected for it to do so.

Can I just buy a gift card instead?

Absolutely! Gift cards are here.

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