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Give Caffeine Free Tea


Give Caffeine Free Tea Subscriptions

Personalized Tea in 3 steps

1. Get Your Tea!

All subscriptions start with a 6-tea sampler followed by regular shipments of tea.

2. Rate Your Tea!

We use tea ratings and preferences personalize teas tailored to taste.

3. Free Your Tea!

3. Free Your Tea!

Discover and enjoy new favorite teas and tea types from around the world!

Caffeine Free Tea Gifts

Monthly or quarterly shipments of 1-2 daily cups worth of naturally caffeine free loose leaf tea tailored to taste.

3 Months $69
First shipment of 6 samples and 25 Drawstring Bags
2 More months of two 2 oz teas tailored to taste
6 Months $109
First shipment of 6 samples and 100 Drawstring Bags
5 More months of two 2 oz teas tailored to taste
12 Months $189
First shipment of 6 samples and 200 Drawstring Bags
11 More months of two 2 oz teas tailored to taste
4 Quarters $159
First shipment of 6 full size teas and 100 Drawstring Bags
3 More quarters of six 2 oz teas teas tailored to taste and 100 bags
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International? See International Tea Subscriptions
Not looking for gifts? See Caffeine Free Tea Subscriptions

Most Frequent Questions

  • When you buy a gift subscription your recipient will get a gift notification email on the date you select at checkout. Their first shipment will be a sampler of 6 different teas, then further teas are based on their tea ratings and preferences (or a variety of our most popular teas if they don’t care to share those)

Why You Should Give

Caffeine Free Tea

Tea Lovers Love Our Tea Subscription Gifts Because

  • they discover new favorite teas tailored to their taste
  • they get delicious and fresh teas delivered to their door
  • they discover their tea preferences as they rate more teas
  • they get to taste new teas like white tea, oolong, and pu-erh

People Love Giving Our Tea Subscriptions Gifts Because

  • they know the recipients like tea, but not which teas
  • they know the recipient will remember them with every cup of tea
  • they know they can save by prepaying OR pay monthly over time
  • they know how nice it is to get a gift early and be done with it!

How Subscribers Get Personalized Tea

How We Personalize

Questions On How To Give Caffeine Free Tea?