How Gifting Works



How Gifting Works


What is included in my gift subscription?

All personalized tea subscriptions start with a sampler of six different teas that we ask your gift recipient to rate.  Subsequent shipments are based off these ratings.  Starting with the second shipment they receive one 3.5 oz bag of tea which makes about 30 cups.    

Where is my gift subscription sent?

You must provide the address to your gift recipient.  All shipments will be sent to the gift recipient unless otherwise requested.  Contact us if you wish to have the first shipment sent to yourself, the gift sender, rather than the gift recipient.    

When will my gift subscription be sent?

Gifts placed before December 15th will be shipped on the 15th.    Gifts placed after December 15th will be shipped as soon as possible, but delivery before Christmas is not guaranteed. Contact us if you wish to have the first shipment sent after the 15th.  After January, all shipments will arrive within first week of the month.   

How will my gift recipient know I sent them a gift?

The first shipment will include an address label to the gift recipient from the gift sender.  When you complete your purchase, you will be given the option to write a personal message. Your personal message will be displayed inside the sampler box.      

How will my gift recipient know to rate their teas?

Gift recipients will receive information to rate their teas inside their first shipment as well as in an email after they have received their gift.  You can also refer them to FreeYourTea.Com/Rating and FreeYourTea.Com/Tea-Questions.      

What if my gift recipient wishes to pause or cancel?

You can change, cancel, or pause a gift subscription at anytime through your account or your gift recipient can contact us with any of these requests.      

When does the gift subscription renew?

Subscriptions renew on the 15th of every month unless it is a prepaid subscription or you have selected for it not to renew.  Your credit card will automatically be charged the subscription fee until you cancel.  Contact us to cancel.       

When do I have to order by in order for my gift to arrive by Christmas?

Holiday orders should be placed by the 19th at the latest for domestic orders.  International orders should be placed by the 10th at the latest.  Unfortunately we can not guarantee delivery by any date.  If you are outside this window, contact us and we will provide a gift certificate template you can email or print for your recipient.  Also consider our gift cards that make great last minute gifts.       

Any Questions about Tea Gift Subscriptions?


Any Questions about Tea Gift Subscriptions?