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Personalized Tea Subscription

Tea Tailored To Taste!

Personalized Tea Subscription
Tea Tailored To Taste!
Discover Your Favorite Teas

Get or Give Personalized Subscriptions

Free Your Tea is the Personalized Tea Subscription that tailors teas to taste. Get Your tailored tea now, or give the gift that will make them remember you with every sip!

Personalized Tea Subscription in 3 steps

1. Get Your Tea!

Buy your Personalized Tea Subscription, submit your preferences, and get your tea!

2. Rate Your Tea!

We use tea ratings and preferences to personalize teas tailored to your taste.

3. Free Your Tea!

3. Free Your Tea!

Discover and enjoy new and old favorite teas and tea types from around the world!

Get Tea!

Get your own Personalized Tea Subscription

Give Tea!

Give a Personalized Tea Subscription Gift

Personalized Tea Subscription Testimonials

Personalized Tea Subscription by Free Your Tea

Most Frequent Questions

  • No! Your recipient will enter their preferred shipping address when they get their gift notification. You only need their email address.

  • Your gift recipient get a gift notification email with your gift message on your selected date.

    They use the gift code from the email to redeem the gift, and enter their own shipping address and preferences.

    Their tea will be personalized based on their preferences, and their future ratings of received teas.

  • No problem! That is an option in the preferences, and also what they get if they don’t submit preferences.

  • All teas come in 2 oz bags. Each bag brews 20-30 cups depending on personal preference and the particular properties of different teas.

When you get a monthly Personalized Tea Subscription from Free Your Tea you receive two 2 oz teas tailored to your taste based on your tea ratings and tea preferences. When you get a quarterly Personalized Tea Subscription you get six 2 oz teas every three months.


Our premium loose leaf teas are fine agricultural products, so like wines they may vary from batch to batch and year to year. Unlike with big-brand-bags our goal is not for our teas to always taste the same, but to always taste the best!


We source our teas from tea gardens across the globe. We don’t sell individual teas to non-subscribers, but as a subscriber you can always add any tea to your next shipment or have us deliver to your friends and family. 


If Iced Tea is more your thing, there is also iceyourtea.com


No caffeine? No problem! We have caffeine free tea subscriptions, and gifts too!

More Personalized Tea Subscription Questions?