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Quarterly Tea Subscription


Quarterly Tea Subscription

A full year’s worth of the finest loose leaf tea tailored to taste in quarterly shipments of six
2 oz bags of personalized tea.

Each 2 oz bag brews 15-20 cups.

Discover new favorite teas with Free Your Tea’s quarterly tea subscription.

Quarterly YEar $15

Per Month

Initial Sampler of Six 2 oz bags of tea
Quarterly shipments of Six Personalized 2 oz teas
Each shipment includes 100 drawstring bags
Personalization is based on tea ratings and preferences
Caffeine-Free $15

Per Month

All naturally caffeine free herbal teas
No regular teas
Otherwise exactly like the regular subscription (which includes caffeine-free teas when this is a preference)
No need to enter card numbers.
Just pay with your phone!
Quarterly Tea Subscription Personalized by Free Your Tea

Most Frequent Questions

  • When you buy a gift subscription your recipient will get a gift notification email on the date you select at checkout. Their first shipment will be a sampler of different teas, then further teas are based on their tea ratings and preferences (or a variety of our most popular teas if they don’t care to share those)


Quarterly Tea Subscription Questions?