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Get a Personalized

Tea Subscription

Get a Personalized Tea Subscription

Discover Your Favorite Teas

Get Personalized Tea Tailored To Your Taste!

Get a personalized tea subscription to 1-2 daily cups worth of premium, loose leaf tea tailored to your taste and delivered to your door!

Tea Tailored To Taste $16-20

Per Month

Initial 6-Tea Sampler (3-4 cups worth of each tea) to get started
Personalization based on tea ratings and preferences
Two 2 oz Teas delivered to your door the first week of every month
Prepay 3/6/12 Months To Save 5/10/20%
25 drawstring bags with 1-3 months, 100 with 6 months, and 200 with 12
Bonus 4-Tea Shipment with 12 months
Caffeine-Free Tea $16-20

Per Month

The same personalized tea subscription, just with all naturally caffeine-free herbal teas

U.S. Shipping is always free. International shipping is $5 / month.

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Why Personalized Tea?


Subscribers Love Our Tea Subscriptions Because

  • they discover new favorite teas tailored to their taste
  • they get delicious and fresh teas delivered to their door
  • they discover their tea preferences as they rate more teas
  • they get to taste new teas like white tea, oolong, and pu-erh

How We Personalize

How We Personalize

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